Permanent surgical component placed within the upper or lower arch that is used as an anchor for prosthetics such as bridges, dentures, crowns, and/or partials. Implants are considered when there is enough bone structure to withhold the component in place.

Procedure in which teeth are removed from the oral cavity due to extreme decay, non-vital tooth and/or trauma. A local anesthetic is given before treatment is performed. If discussed, a bone graft can be placed immediately after extracting a tooth to help rebuild bone structure for future treatment.

For impacted teeth (teeth that have not been completely exposed in the oral cavity) or are majorly imbedded within the bone structure need more assistance in extracting. For the comfort of the patient this is usually done with intravenous sedation however; local anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can be used. A panoramic x-ray or CT scan is used to help the specialist review the anatomy of the facial structure to locate the tooth and direction of movement before the extraction occurs.

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