For new patients Dr. Tudor will give an initial full comprehensive exam upon greeting you. This initial visit will include taking x-rays unless the patient can provide prior x-rays that were recently taken or refuses x-rays by signing our waiver form, charting existing conditions and charting any proposed treatment. This initial exam must happen before new patients can receive any dental treatment.

A periodic exam will be performed once a year during the patients following appointments to ensure there are no current/progressing issues.

A limited exam will be performed upon emergency appointments and/or upon patients request the doctor to examine a specific area of

Dental prophylaxis – commonly called a “prophy” – is a treatment that involves polishing the teeth to control bacteria. A prophy is typically performed twice per year, or every six months to maintain healthy gums and teeth. During your cleaning the hygienist may document the current health of your gum tissue with a periodontal probe. This exam, taken usually once a year or more if need be, helps the hygienist assess the current conditions of the gums to ensure prevention of periodontal disease and promote healthy oral hygiene with appropriate instructions for the patient.

Oral Hygiene:
Each patient will receive a hygiene goody bag to include a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. We do recommend brushing twice daily in small circular motions and flossing at least once daily, preferably before bedtime.

Scaling and Root Planing:
Commonly known as “SRP’s” is a procedure performed by the hygienist in which scaling of the tooth below the gum line occurs to remove any plaque or tartar that has accumulated over time. A local anesthetic is given before this procedure is performed. A full mouth SRP is split into two appointments and each appointment is scheduled for two hours.

Periodontal maintenance is performed after receiving SRP’s to ensure continued treatment of maintaining healthy gum tissue. The patient will receive regular cleanings when the hygienist feels the oral conditions of the patient has reached a normal healthy status. A patient can receive periodontal maintenance for up to two years after receiving SRP’s, but this all depends on the patient as each patient reacts differently to procedures.

Clear, protective coating that prevents bacteria and food particles from settling into the grooves of the molars and causing decay. Usually placed on children or young adolescents.

Occlusal Guard (Night guard): Removable appliance intended to relieve jaw pain and prevent the effects of Bruxism;
condition caused by grinding teeth together, normally worn at night. Impressions are taken in office and sent to the lab.

Fluoride: Material that is brushed over teeth to help prevent decay and promote tooth resistance to bacteria.

In office products:
Clinpro toothpaste- for sensitive teeth
Fluoridex- Anti-cavity paste